Aquatherm Solar Pool Heaters receive NSF-50 certification

Aquatherm Industries is proud to announce we have become the first and only manufacturer to receive NSF-50 certification for solar pool heating systems.

The National Sanitation Foundation standard 50, which is required by most U.S. states, covers products that are used in public or commercial swimming pools, spas and other recreational water facilities like water parks.  “The certification of Aquatherm helps assure homeowners and operators at recreational water facilities that their passive solar radiant heaters are free from unacceptable levels of contaminants and perform and continue to perform effectively under the intended use conditions,” said Dave Purkiss, General Manager for NSF International’s Water Treatment and Distribution program.

Certification includes: material safety, corrosion resistance, design and construction, product marking, dimensional testing, hydrostatic pressure testing at 1.5x the working pressure, design burst pressure testing at 2.0x the working pressure, head loss or pressure loss testing, 20,000 cycle high/low pressure testing, high temperature burst pressure safety testing, marking, and labeling requirements.

“We are excited to have the first and only solar pool heating collector to be certified by NSF, which adds tremendous credibility to the Aquatherm brand image in the commercial pool market as well as a powerful tool for the Aquatherm Dealer Network,” said David Sizelove, President of Aquatherm. “Residential pool owners and their families can also rest assured, knowing their solar pool heater and the water they swim in is safe.”

ECOSUN Collector Receives Patent for Unique Venting

Aquatherm Industries has received Issue Notification from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for U.S. Patent No. 7,634,994, regarding the unique vented web design of its Ecosun Solar Pool Heating Collectors.

The vented web allows for moisture ventilation for the roof, as well as increased wind load relief during adverse weather conditions.

The method by which these vents are created is unique in that no material is removed in the process. Instead, “slits” are engineered into the tube-and-web design, maximizing collector surface area. This breakthrough design resulted in a performance rating from the Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC) of 1,010 BTUs per square foot, making Ecosun the highest-efficiency vented solar pool heating collector available today.

For more information, visit the ECOSUN website at

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