Fantastic AQUA Magazine article following one pool owner’s purchasing decision as he makes the move to install a solar pool heater.  The article features long time Solar Industries Dealer & Aquatherm Regional Distribution Center Gerry Kilgore of Suncatcher of Atlanta.

Solar View

By Scott Webb
September 2010

The cold was bothering him. The water was cold, and it was keeping his kids out of the pool, which defeated its purpose. “If I’m going to have a pool,” he said to himself, “I want to get the most out of it, for myself and my kids. Maybe I need a heater.”

What was his first move? He didn’t stop in at a pool store or dig up an old copy of the Yellow Pages. He fired up his computer.

He didn’t know what type of heater he wanted; he just knew he wanted a warm pool. He read some things about solar and gas heaters and thought about it for a while.